Non-interchangeable body

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Virtual Post-Performence Exhibition

Chapter Four: The non-interchangeable body
Jamie and I made our first N(Non)F(Fungible)T(Tokens)

Become Little Plum Blossom NFT captured the #bodypaint preparation for my latest performance: Chinese Knot, which took place at the Non-fungible Body festival in Linz, Austria. OÖ Kunst
To mint this #timelapse as our first NFT is a symbolic #gesture to keep Xiao Hua Mei (Little Plum Blossom) and #herstory alive, when so many in #China have been silenced.The process of body-painting transformed my body into an intermediate space of #social, #political, and #artisticexpression. This pre-performance action is the passage between my life and art.
In 2020, a mother of eight children locked up in an iron chain captivated the attention of many people in and outside China. Her story is beyond a tragic #humantrafficking case. She was named: Xiao Hua Mei (Little Plum Blossom) by the Chinese authorities despite much controversy and disagreement.

Can #DNA be fake?
Can #identity be traded?
Can 1.4 billion people save one woman?
Can the internet’s hottest topic break the #censorship wall?
Silenced, jailed, disappeared, delete, remove, forget …

The role of translation, the passage between gesture, body and voice. My name is #XieRong ( Thank you Rose) I am a live action artist. I graduated with a #printmaking MA from the Royal College of Art what my course introduced and allowed me to explore was printmaking As #theworkofartintheageofmechanicalreproduction . Since 2011, I have been collaboration with my husband Jamie Baker on photographic interventions within my performance work. We wish to build a Performative Body that push the boundaries beyond live and documentations, web2 and #web3, #virtual and the real.
Thank you Freda Iala and River Lin, Alfred Weidinger for this exciting project and introduced us into the #blockchain.
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