Exhibitions: (including Live Art Performance)

停Cease, VIVAAR VENEZIA, Venice 2024

自由Freedom, VIVAAR VENEZIA Venice 2024

和平Peace, VIVAAR VENEZIA Venice 2024

The Red Drum, Live Performance by Xie Rong and Wang Beibei, Way Out East Gallery, London 2024

The Red Body: Art as Activism, Exhibition by Xie Rong and Jamie Baker, London 2024

Nature Echo, LSO St Luke’s, London, 2024

Old Friends from Mountain and River, Museum of Music, Bologna Italy, 2023

Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense Danmark, 2023

Painting Until It Becomes Marble, Love Never DiesZabludowicz Collection , London, 2013

Cut Piece, The Image Centre, Canada, 2023

Woman + Horse = Mother , TJ Boulting Gallery, London 2022

Echo of Posidonia, Ibiza, Spain 2022

Power, Rights, Authority, Medoc, France 2022

NFT Exhibition  at Full Belly Art, Ephemerisle, USA 2022

Become Little Plum Blossom, NFT, Digital Exhibition, Linz, 2022

Chinese Knot, The Non-fungible Body, Linz, 2022

Cut Piece, This room moves at the same speed as the clouds, Kunsthaus Zürich, 2022

Deformes Triennial, First International Triennial of Performance Deformes,  Chile, 2021

The Place Where I Miss Day and Night, Solo Exhibition, Museum of Far East, Israle 2021

Harbinger, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow Nov 2021

Beauty,Created by Experience, SuZhou, Oct 2021

Sea. Portal, Cheung Chau Wave Festival, Hongkong, August 2021

Love Wild Lawn, Ellipsis Print, July 2021

Eco Echo, Stay Connected, Chinese Arts Now, April 2021

Eco Echo, Interview with Betsy Damon, Ideaxme, March 2021

“Epidemic · Empathy” Invitational Exhibition of Overseas Chinese Artists-Exhibition, Nov 2020

Third Chinese Video artists Festival in México, 2020

Why my sky filled with tears, Live Action, Beijing, China, Nov 2020

Light, Homar Performance Festival, Iran, Oct 2020

English patient, Above the Cloud Performance Festival, China, August, 2020

ECHO, Soho Theatre, London, Feb 2020

Four Season’s greeting, China Exchange, London, Jan 2020

Blue, Andrea Hamilton Studio, London, Nov 2019

Baltic Sea, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Finland, Oct 2019

Human, Seoul, Sep 2019, Ilmin Museum, South Korea

Democracy Fountain, Sep 2019, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea

Sea_Jeju, Aug 2019, Seogwipo Cultural Battery Station, Jeju Island, South Korea

Sea_Sydney, July 2019, Sydney Art Space, Australia

52 Artist 52 Action, May-July 2019, Sydney Art Space, Australia

One Woman Show, May 2109, Culture and Art Foundation, Evora

Painting Until it becomes Marble, May 2019, Yoko Ono Peace is Power,Museum of fine art Leipzig

Story of the Stone, May 2019,Yoko Ono Peace is Power,Museum of fine art Leipzig

To Reach the Light, May 2019, Yoko Ono Peace is Power, Museum of fine art Leipzig

Cut Piece 2019, Yoko Ono Peace is Power, Museum of fine art Leipzig

Circle of Fire, 03 Nov,2018, Röda Sten Konsthall,Sweden.

Blood of Fire, 01 Nov, 2018, Art Museum of Skövde, Sweden.

The Story of the Stones, JGM Gallery, 

Surface, Group show, JGM Gallery,  London, July 2018

Demolition, Toynbee Studio, London.25th February,2018

School of Roots, Art021, solo Booth, Shanghai Exhibition Center, 24th Nov, 2017

Be the Inside of the Vase, Art4More. Athens, 13th Oct 2017

Engender, ALASKA Projects. Sydney, Sep 2017

Soho House, Newyork, May 2017

The Ned, London, 12th May, 2017

TenderLion9, Toynbee Studio, London. 24th May 2017

Changjiang International Photography and Video Biennale, ChangJiang Museum,Chongqing China, Apr-Jul2017


Home, Solo Exhibition, HongKong, Mar-Apr 2017

Blue Edition Miami, USA, Feb-Apr 2017

Draw to perform, Fabrica, Brighton, UK, Mar 2017

Blue Edition, London, Nov-Dec 2016

Beijing live, Danish Culture Center, China Oct2016

11thLive Action, Gothenburg, Sweden, Sep 2016,

Conjunctively Evolving, Yun Contemporary Arts Center, Shanghai, China, Aug 2016

Impact9, Hangzhou, China Academy of Art, China, Sep 2015

DigitaLive, GuangZhou, China,  November 30 to January 26th 2014

Multiplied, Christie’s South Kensington, 18th-21st,October 2013

INFR’ACTION 9, International Performance Art Festival, Sète, 11th-15th,September 2013

Tightrope,  A group show with Takming Chuang,emilyspeed and Hanae Utamura curated by Kate Pantling for Sumarria Lunn Gallery, London, 6th – 17th, September 2013

21st Centuary Art & Design, Selected Works from the RCA Degree Show 2013, Christie’s, King Street Gallery, Wednesday 10th – 12th, July 2013

ShowRCA2013, Dyson Gallery, 20 Howie Street, Battersea, London. 19th – 30th, June 2012

 Parallax, cafe gallery, RCA-2nd year printmaking, 9th-10th, April 2013

Parallax AF ,Contemporary London Art FairChelsea Old Town Hall, London, 22nd 23rd February 2013

Notes to Self – Thinking Aloud and Making Moves, 20 Howie Street, Battersea,7th–10th February 2013

LPS1- Featured, London Print Studio, 24th Jan – 09th March 2013

Drawing Sessions, Royal Stand Gallery Liverpool Biennial 2012

Untouchable, Curated by Franko B Fri 16 Nov – Sat 1 Dec 2012

Warrior, Blackall Studio, London, 03 October – 08 October 2012

Reincarnation London Print Studio, group show 15th – 24th,  November 2012

Public-Access group show 12th June 2012

Open Book – An evening of RCA performance and Live Art, Testbed1, London. 3rd May 2012

WIP (Work in Progress) 20 Howie Street, Battersea, London. 26th April – 3rd May 2012

I Took The Lift To The 6th Floor RCA group show, Café gallery, London.10th-11th, March 2012

To Do – An evening of RCA performance and Live Art London. 3rd Nov 2012

RCA Secret – Royal College of Art , Kensington Gore, London Nov 2011

CSM Degree Show– Nicholls & Clarke Building , London, June 2011

Working in Progress– The Colomb Art Gallery,London, March2011

The Enchanted Palace. A Room of the World, A World in the Room.

Kensington Palace, London. 26 March 2010 – November 2010.

  Competitions Won Crown Palace drawing Competition 2011