Stone and Light

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 By Madeline Bocaro ©

Xie Rong performs her new works:

Story of the Stone/ To Reach the Light

(inspired by Yoko Ono) 

at Yoko Ono: Peace Is Power exhibition @mdbkleipzig in Leipzig Germany

May 11, 2019.

Watch the performance videos:


Story of the Stone

This work by Xie Rong is inspired by three of Yoko Ono’s works; Three Mounds, Riverbed and Rising (lyrics).

Xie Rong: “I wish to create a piece to bring illumination and sound into the darkness. To connect all the rooms into the main hall, create movement of audiences. From 9:30 Andreas played music create tension and atmosphere. 10pm, Me, in a mirror suit, walking into the main hall. I stood inside a rope light, silent, I will sing “Olive Tree” then I walk off to collect all the ropes, I shout out to each floor and balcony, drag ropes between people. Creating spider web collection between the three museum floors and four exhibition rooms.” … …