Xie Rong, also known as Echo Morgan, is a fearless Surrey-based artist who dauntlessly challenges stereotypes surrounding “Chineseness” and femininity through her captivating body of work. Utilising her own body as a canvas, she employs a range of materials including Chinese ink, red lipstick, black coal, green chlorophyll, and even her own breast milk, to create mesmerizing paintings and poetic calligraphy on her skin. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and broader themes such as body politic and eco-feminism, Xie Rong skillfully combines Eastern philosophy, the Fluxus movement, and action art to provoke introspection and foster dialogue.

Xie Rong’s artwork seamlessly integrates English narration with Chinese folk songs, challenging prevailing notions of beauty, power, and vulnerability. She honed her artistic skills at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute High School, Central Saint Martins, and the Royal College of Art. Her visually enchanting creations have garnered international acclaim, with exhibitions held in various countries. Collaborating with photographer Jamie Baker, Xie Rong explores the fusion of painting on photographs and employs mark-making techniques, resulting in unique artist prints. She also creates intimate and emotionally challenging personal films. Recently, Xie Rong has expanded her creative collaborations to include musicians and movement artists, delving into the realm of immersive site-specific storytelling experiences. Blurring the boundaries between theater and action art, she practices art as the healing power within our community.

Currently residing in Surrey, Xie Rong is based in both the UK and China. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and defying conventions is evident in her work, which continually pushes the limits and invites viewers to engage with thought-provoking narratives through the embodiment of body, gesture, and voice.