• Be the Inside of the Vase

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    10 years since the make of Be the Inside of the Vase. The film will be screening at The Third Festival of Chinese Video Artists at the Cine Morelos Cinema, Cuernavaca Mexico. It as a parallel activity in their own Violet Green Festival. Feminisms in Morelos. Thanks to Curator and longtime supporter Elizabeth Ross.

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    Body Calligraphy: The Performance Work of Echo Morgan _ By Luise Guest

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    Body Calligraphy: The Performance Work of Echo Morgan

    Echo Morgan is the English name of Xie Rong, a Chengdu-born, London-based, multi-disciplinary artist whose work is underpinned by a dark family story. She works with stereotypes of ‘Chineseness’ and femininity in order to subvert them. Morgan has written texts on her skin using red lipstick, black Chinese ink, white ‘ink’ made from jasmine tea, and her own breast milk after giving birth to her second child. She has played with tropes of Chinoiserie, painting her naked body to resemble blue and white porcelain, and then inviting the audience to violently wash the patterns away by hurling water-filled balloons at her. Her work mines her own experiences of childhood, family, marriage and motherhood – and those of her female ancestors. She is a story-teller.

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    Juxtaposing English narration with Chinese traditional songs, Morgan plays with her complex hybrid identity and her difficult childhood. She explores the territory of translation: between two languages, between gesture and stillness, between her Chinese past and English present, between performance and image.

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    Grey Collective at Offline Art Fair

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    Grey Collective at Offline Art Fair

    Thur 28th Nov – Sun 1st Dec
    Embassy Tea Rooms, Union Street, SE1 OL


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    Multiplied Artfair at Christie’s

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    • 16 October 2013 – Printmaking graduates from the Royal College of Art will show for a second year at auction house Christie’sMultiplied editions art fair. This year RCA graduates will feature in the main body of the event.

      Echo Morgan, Catriona Leahy, Frank Leauver, Nicola Thomas and Marianne Keating are among the Printmaking graduates, who will exhibit work exploring new perspectives and applications of the medium, addressing issues including displacement, materiality, social engagement, dissemination and personal narratives. The portfolio, Transference 2013, which included work by most of the graduates will also be on view.

      Director of Multiplied, Murray Macaulay, described RCA work as, ‘the tension in print-orientated techniques between ideas of art and reproduction; the hi-tech and traditional; multiplicity and the limited edition and art versus industrial.’

      RCA Printmaking 2013 graduates offered fresh approaches to printmaking, expanding the form and function of printmaking, publishing and editioning: Nicola Thomas’ black on black etchings evoked the provocative era of Film Noir, reflecting deeper issues of race and class division. Echo Morgan’s elaborate performances included components of print, video and objects to inform and visualise her potent personal narratives. 
       Marianne Keating’s site-specific projects resulted in numerous responses from communities, taking the form of enlarged text-based print and projected pieces.

      Multiplied, now in its fourth year, is an annual fair showcasing the very best contemporary art in editions by leading artists and new talent. This year’s exhibition will feature 42 exhibitors and institutions from around the world. For further details, click here.

      Two Editions of Balls of Steel sold from this exhibition, very delighted this piece of work that combined fragility and strength went to good homes!Also sold one framed Be the Inside of the Vase screen print from Transference box set.

      Balls of Steel 2013

      Photography by Jamie Baker

       Digital Print on Hahnemuhle FineArt paper

      Mounted on aluminum

      56cm (high) x 44cm

       Editions of 25, 2 artist proof.

      Framed £ 350, Unframed £ 300

      Be the Inside of the Vase 2013

      Screen print

      Photography by Jamie Baker

      10cm x 10cm  Edition of 35

      Unframed £ 150 + vat  , framed £ 250 + vat

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